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VIDEO: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and racial inequality explained.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill is currently at Committee Stage in the House of Commons.

The Bill (commonly known as the Policing Bill) proposes a whole range of changes to the UK's criminal justice system and has garnered a level of public protest unseen since the Poll Tax Riots of the 1980s. Whilst the focus has been on one aspect of the Bill - it's infringement on the right to protest - there are a whole host of proposals which risk deepening racial inequalities in the UK, and contradict the government's own commitment to racial equality in its equality duties.

Watch our brand new video to find out how the PCSC Bill risks damaging race equality in the UK's criminal justice system: 

What can you do?

We have released this video along with Criminal Justice Alliance, Clinks, Alliance for Youth Justice, Agenda, Transition to Adulthood Alliance, Prison Reform Trust, Zahid Mubarek Trust, Maslaha, Do It Justice Ltd, Revolving Doors Agency, Leaders Unlocked, Switchback and Women in Prison as part of a campaign entitled #EndCJSinequality.

The coalition are urgently calling on government to withdraw discriminatory clauses of the Bill and to launch a proper public consultation with Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, Muslims and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities most at risk from the changes proposed in the Bill.

Please support the campaign and draw attention to the risks posed by the Bill on minioritised communities by sharing the video and by signing our petition.

We need your help to stop discriminatory legislation being passed before the Bill returns to the floor of the House of Commons.

There's still time to #EndCJSInequality.

Image of the Old Bailey in black and white with a red border, with a white textbox superimposed saying "Many people around the UK last year joined the black lives matter protests in solidarity against racial inequality. We are calling for the public to do the same here: stand with us to stop this punitive and, in some cases, ineffective legislation which we know will further entrench racial disparities from coming into force" By Shadae Cazeau - EQUAL Head of Policy

Interested in this topic?

Discover the blog by Head of Policy, Shadae Cazeau to understand the landscape around race disparity in the criminal justice system.

Further information on the PCSC Bill and our specific concerns can be found here.

Read our open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sent back in March when the Bill was first being introduced to Parliament.

UPDATE July 2021: The coalition has now received a response to the Open Letter from Alex Chalk MP on behalf of the government. Read it here.