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#TimeToTalk about Racial Injustice - The Injustice of Youth Justice

A panel discussion in London centring BAME voices on the issue of racial disparity in the youth justice system.

The school to prison pipeline is alive and well in the UK. The disproportionate exclusion of black boys by schools leads to a stark over-representation of black youth in the youth justice system. The figures speak for themselves:

  • Black children are four times more likely to be arrested than white children.

  • Since 2005 the percentage of black youth in custody has doubled

  • Currently almost 50% of the youth justice system is made up of BAME young people.

What’s more, whilst the numbers for black youth entering the system is heavily increasing, the figure for white children is decreasing. This is an injustice and shows an institutional failure towards BAME youth, particularly black boys.

It’s time for direct and honest answers to questions like:

  • Where does this problem begin?

  • Is it being recognised by the police and statutory partners?

  • What meaningful action can be taken against the underlying problematic culture of racial bias in our youth justice system?

The youth justice system is failing Back, Asian, Minority and Ethnic children. It’s #TimeToTalk about the injustice of youth justice.

At EQUAL, an independent advisory group tackling the racial bias in the criminal justice system, improving outcomes for BAME youth is a top priority. We want to start a meaningful conversation around widening disproportionality of young BAME boys that exists in our youth justice system.

Join us on 18th March at the University of Westminster for a lively panel discussion with leading academic Neena Samota, founder of Wipers Youth CIC Sammy Odoi, and Youth Justice Board member Keith Fraser to tackle the issue of racism within the youth justice system. You’ll have an opportunity to ask hard hitting questions to our panel of experts in our extended audience Q&A .

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