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A Smarter Approach to Sentencing?

The government recently published A Smarter Approach to Sentencing, a White Paper that sets out the government’s proposals for important changes to the sentencing and release framework in England and Wales.

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA) is a coalition of 160 organisations – including charities, think tanks, research institutions and staff associations – working across the criminal justice system. They thought it would be of value to invite a few CJA members, representing a range of criminal justice interests, all of which have a bearing on sentencing policy in one way or another, to answer four questions about the White Paper. They asked what the members:

  • were pleased to see in the White Paper?
  • were disappointed or concerned to see?
  • would have liked to see that was missing?
  • and whether they had any other reflections or comments?

Read the briefing the CJA has produced based on their responses.