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Mark Blake’s Farewell Blog

I am leaving BTEG after working here for nine years. It will be sad to leave somewhere that’s been a big part of my life for nearly a decade.

Another day, another knife crime announcement, by Mark Blake

The knife crime debate continues.

Following the Downing Street Summit on knife violence on 2nd April, Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, made a speech on the subject in London on Monday. He talked of his childhood experience of growing up in a poor neighbourhood affected by crime and how he avoided a potential life of crime. He didn’t, though, give any consideration to the idea that engaging young people affected by the issue is pivotal in finding answers. 

Prison Population 2022: planning for the future

The Justice Committee has published a new report on prisons. It addresses its expectation to see clear evidence of progress in monitoring and explaining BAME disproportionality in prisons and also raise issues about the youth custodial estate, PAVA spray, and cuts to funding to specialist voluntary sector provision to support BAME people in the criminal justice system.

Will technological innovation perpetuate and further embed ethnic disproportionality across the justice system?

The issue of the use of technology and personal information within policing has recently been brought to the fore by the