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EQUAL Secretariat
Comunications and Engagement Officer

Payal Bhavsar (She/Her) is the Communications and Engagement Officer for EQUAL.

Before joining EQUAL in October 2020, Payal worked at the Poetry Translation Centre, and as a Marketing Assistant for a children’s charity, the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, where she contributed to its landmark ‘Reflecting Realities’ research into ethnic representation in children’s literature.

She has a background working across the education and publishing sectors, helping young people engage on matters of race and representation. Following on from an English degree from King’s College London, where she earned the King’s Global Award with the University of Delhi, she was awarded the M.St World Literatures from Oxford University in 2017. She remains passionate about migration, postcolonial writing, and literatures from South Asia and its diasporas, and is a strong advocate for cross-cultural, intersectional and anticolonial politics.

I am delighted to be supporting the work of EQUAL in ensuring our criminal justice systems are safe, just and equitable for all.